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Vote. So this doesn’t happen.

When Obama Wins…

When Obama Wins, unicorns will crap ice cream and pastries.

When Obama Wins, we’ll all get jetpacks and nuclear-powered levitating houses.

When Obama Wins, we’ll all get new bicycles.

When Obama Wins…

Eugene in NH

I love Eugene. Link.

Oil Map

OIl Map[link]


On 2006 November 8th Donald “Rummy” Rumsfeld tendered his resignation as Secretary of Defense. But what who will his successor be? And what will his Dubya’d nickname mean? (Real names are hard) Faster than you can say the-democrats-are-wiping-the-congressional -floor-with-them-good-ole-boys , Dubya has announced Dr. Robert Michael Gates. What will his nickname be? I suggest “Butteball ham” or just “hammy” for short. Its close enough to “rummy” for W to remember. Butterball 2