Monthly Archive for August, 2006


If you havn’t heard, had her appendix removed today. Send her love here.

3 New Planets

Three new planets were almost named by the International Astronomical Union: Ceres, Charon and 2003 UB313. Ceres rose to fame in 1994 when Samus Aran took the last surviving Metroid hatchling from SR-388 in the Super Nintendo classic “Super Metroid”. The nerdery doesn’t end there: the team that discovered 2003 UB313 have nicknamed the object Xena, after the TV warrior princess, and its moon Gabrielle, after the fictional character’s sidekick.  In the end, we lost Pluto.

Bruce Schneier

“Focus on terrorists, not tactics. It’s easy to defend against what they planned last time, but it’s shortsighted.” more. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches are still banned.


Rentals Rentals Rentals Rentals

The Rentals were fantastic last night. Two-hour-plus set, and a new LP, due ’07. link.


America Open for Business Advertising propaganda scares the crap out of me. Behold the SUVOA. SUV Owners of America who, according to their website are “a non-profit consumer organization dedicated to supporting the rights and serving the interests of more than 80 million SUV, Pickup and Van Owners of America. Founded in 1999, SUVOA strives to ensure balanced media reporting of light truck issues and represents our supporters by educating federal and state policymakers.” Did you know that your kids would be safer if you were driving an Escalade rather than a Volvo? I didn’t.


This is my new website. This go-around I decided to go with the blog-style site thats all the rage. I’m using wordpress, with k2 installed. Modifications to personalize the page, this new site has the ablility to be updated at a far greater interval. Let see how it goes!