Monthly Archive for September, 2006

Freddy Sez

Freddy Sez is a New Yorker and supporter of the New York Yankees, known for his activities in promoting the team and encouraging fan participation. Since the late 80′s he has been an unofficial promoter for the Yankees. Carrying a frying pan with a shamrock painted on it, which he says “Brings ‘em luck” fans are encouraged to bang on the pot with a spoon to make noise. Video. Pictures. freddysez.jpg


It was announced today that American scientists are to start trials of a new vaccine aimed at wiping out childhood ear and sinus infections and some types of bronchitis in adults. It works by vaccinating against the streptococcal bacteria themselves. So my question is why didn’t they have this when I was a kid? I can’t wait for adult trials! Guess I dont need this.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are godless sodomites

Godless There are no words to describe the warm fuzzy feeling I get by listening to the rantings of Pastor Fred W. Phelps. I hope when I loose my marbles, that someone takes away my iSight. Oh, and in case you were wondering… Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are godless sodomites.

You’ve been Brushed!

20060909 Sam & Maura's Wedding 17

Congratulations to Sam & Maura Brush! Pictures. More Pictures.


“Wikipedia is far from the only wiki. Several different wiki engines power hundreds of thousands of wikis across the internet. These wikis serve a variety of different communities. Wikis now cover a range of niche topics, from Wikitravel for the tourist, ArmchairGM for the sports enthusiast, wikiHow for general how-to advice and the TaxAlmanac for those needing help with their taxes.” from

So, here it is mrwiki !

Star Trek

If you look up “un-necessary” you may find the newest Star Trek venture tagged. [The kids are still calling it taggin right?]  CBS has announced that Star Trek: The original Series will  be remastered. We’re going to get a new NCC-1764, title sequence, galaxy shots & exteriors, battle scenes, planets and ships from other cultures.  Why can’t we just get a post TNG series on the Enterprise?