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Jeff Buckley Nov 17, 1966 – May 29 1997. [link]

U.S. Mayors Climate Conference: House climate change committee hearing

From grist:

The last event at this weekend’s mayors conference was a field hearing by the House global warming committee. The witnesses were:

  • Mayor Bloomberg, City of New York
  • Mayor Diaz, City of Miami, Florida
  • Mayor Nickels, City of Seattle, Washington
  • Mayor Palmer, City of Trenton, New Jersey

When committee Republicans James Sensenbrenner (Wisc.) and Greg Walden (Ore.) expressed the common conservative concern that addressing global warming would drive jobs to China and India — and thus, implicitly, that the U.S. shouldn’t do anything until they do — Bloomberg kind of flipped.

“Continuing to pollute to teach them a lesson doesn’t make any sense to me. You can’t make them do anything, you can just do it and hope they follow. This is America! Since when do we wait on other countries to make progress? You’re pushing on a string! I can’t tell New York City we’re going to do nothing because people on the other side of the world are. This is America!