Monthly Archive for March, 2010

Travel First And Lean Towards This Time

The better portion of the last ten years I’ve spent in the Bronx. And while I am looking forward to bigger and brighter things as I prepare to move, I cannot help but think back not only of the time I’ve spent here, and to who I was before I moved here. So long!

Note: … a crane lift, some 100ft in the air…

You sir, are no friend

Towards the end of grad school I was involved in a plagiarism issue that could have cost me my degree. And several thousands of dollars. A co-worker of my mine copied large portions of a paper and submitted it before me. The saving grace in this scandal was that I had used an unique word. Since I could define the word, and he couldn’t: he was kicked out of the program, and I stayed on. An enlightening experience.

Needless to say, I was surprised he “friended” me on Facebook. DENIED. What a jackass.