This is where I will talk about myself without sounding snobby.

About mr.dennis:

I’m an Environmental Engineer. In 2004, I received my B.S. and two years later my M. E. from Manhattan College. I work for the City of New York. Previous jobs included waiter, painter, contractor, lab tech, TA, network analyst, database manager and dog trainer. Now I engineer!

I live New York City.

I’m a vegetarian. (equal parts “ethics” & “distaste”)

About mrdennis.com:

I started my first website in 1996, using notepad and a bout of insomnia. Complete with spinning graphics, a lack of central theme or visitors. It was called greible:land after a word made-up during a boyscout meeting when i was 14. I’ve since learned that there is a “Dennis Greible” living somewhere outside of Denver.
mrdennis.com started around 2000, and yada yada yada… here you are.