At Queens College, taking the PE, I run into a guy I vaguely knew in college: Brett. During the lunch break Brett tells me that he thought I was a “conservative, uptight theatre-major”. I cannot thing of a more inaccurate impression of myself.

Travel First And Lean Towards This Time

The better portion of the last ten years I’ve spent in the Bronx. And while I am looking forward to bigger and brighter things as I prepare to move, I cannot help but think back not only of the time I’ve spent here, and to who I was before I moved here. So long!

Note: … a crane lift, some 100ft in the air…

You sir, are no friend

Towards the end of grad school I was involved in a plagiarism issue that could have cost me my degree. And several thousands of dollars. A co-worker of my mine copied large portions of a paper and submitted it before me. The saving grace in this scandal was that I had used an unique word. Since I could define the word, and he couldn’t: he was kicked out of the program, and I stayed on. An enlightening experience.

Needless to say, I was surprised he “friended” me on Facebook. DENIED. What a jackass.

Morning Commute


Not since the Wire annihilated all standards have I been even the slightest bit interested in crime dramas. That one glimmer of hope was Southland: the the gritty fucked up LA cop show with Bull and the dude from the OC. Of course, NBC canceled it (Fuck you Leno). And now TNT will air the remaining episodes? They might even renew? If only they would pick up Dollhouse…

I am addicted to my iPhone

Day 24 with the iPhone. I love you NASA app.


First to know

Movies From My Childhood That I Don’t Quite Remember: Part 1, The Little Mermaid

i don’t even recall a villain
she’s under water being a priss
then she is on land
then she tried to drown the dark haired gentleman
there are silly moments with a crab and using things for things other than they were there are silly moments with a crab and using things for things other than they were intended for
then a wedding on a ship


Coffee = H2O + Caffeine + 2-Ethylphenol + Quinic acid + 3,5 Dicaffeoylquinic acid +Dimethyl disulfide +Acetylmethylcarbinol + Putrescine + Trigonelline + Niacin

Have We Forgotten How To Forget?

For most of human history, almost everything people did was forgotten, simply because it was so hard to record and retrieve things. But there was a benefit: “Social forgetting” allowed everyone to move on from embarrassing or ill-conceived moments in their lives.

Digital tools have eliminated that amnesty. Google caches copies of our blog postings; social-networking sites thrive by archiving our daily dish. Society now defaults to a relentless Proustian remembrance of all things past.

[via Wired]